Introducing Scott Nova as Dante!!!

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Introducing Scott Nova as Dante!!!
Strap on your bibs and grab your shamwows. You’re gonna need ’em 😉
Okay, ladies and slightly effeminate gents … here he is: Dante, the new power male for the third and final installment of the Supernova Saga, Nexus.

I know, right? You’re welcome!

This is a real manly man: schmexy to the core (I’ve got a core for him), intentionally and unintentionally suggestive in everything he does (mama likey), aaaaannnnd he doesn’t care to play fair when it comes to getting what he wants (naughty, naughty). I should mention he has a bloody fecking hell of a British accent that’s tah die for! Not Scott. Dante. Scott doesn’t have a British accent (I don’t think), but he is of Irish descent. No worries, ladies. I’m taking one for the team and doing my damndest to pump him for information on where he’s hiding his lucky charms. Either my pumping isn’t the shit (as I’ve always believed it to be), or I’m pumping too well (that’s more like it) so he just doesn’t want to give up the goods. ‘Cause he keeps spouting shit about having to find the end of the rainbow first. So of course I remind him that the pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow, not the lucky charms. It just isn’t the same thing, silly. Mr. Gorgeous and those luscious lips retort with, “Depends on who’s asking. A little bit of luck and a whole lot of reward go hand in hand. Keep doing that for long and both of yours will be full in no time.” Cue the suggestive waggle of his brows as he looks down at his lap. Yes, I’m still pumping him for information *side mumble* and he ain’t complaining. @.@ “Ow! Not so rough!” “Oh, shut up and take it like a man, rainbow boy!” And then Gabe comes in with an, “Are y’all eatin’ Skittles in here?” He stops abruptly when he enters my office, his eyes going straight to the only male crotch in the room, and says, “Mmm … I’d like to taste that rainbow.” He’s licking on his own finger. “Gawd … damn, man!” – exaggerated shiver, and then his hand slowly runs down his chest so his wet finger can now circle his nipple through his overpriced shirt. Are you rolling your eyes, too?? This would be where Scott winks at Gabe … throwing him a bone, only not literally. Shame on Scott for teasing Gabe like that. Meh, the bitch deserves it. So you see, this is the issue with having a live cover model portray a favored character. Wait … you’re right. I don’t see an issue AT ALL. We get something pretty-pretty to ogle, and the model gets a good chuckle from watching us all go ga-ga over the goods. Win-Win. I really should’ve done this sooner. Hold on … this blog post wasn’t supposed to be about what it’s like to have a live cover model on the team. We were talking about Dante, right? Well, obviously my distraction is proof of the ga-ga. So, I’ll just let you ooooh and ahhhh over the pics for now. I promise the description will come later, after edits ;-)Want to hear something funny? When I purchased these photos, my PR said, “Congratulations! You just bought a man!!” Ahem … I hope the po-po aren’t reading this post, ‘cuz I’m way too voluptuous and would defs end up being someone’s bitch in the clank. JS. Really, I’m not a john, more like a pimp. Ergo – My fellow authors, if you want to own a little piece of Scott Nova, you can pump him for a bit of information, too, at This website isn’t up yet, but it’s cumming soon. *snerk* FYI, the lucky charms are MINE, so back off beeyotches! *Disclaimer: No cover models were seriously injured whilst I got my pump on, but Scott may be walking a little funny for a couple of days.*Holla’ atcha girl and tell me what you think! FLYAS! ~clp~

28 thoughts on “Introducing Scott Nova as Dante!!!

  1. Do you know how much I love you. Let me count the ways. He is gorgeous and I can't wait to read Nexus. This gives me something to look forward to. Tell Gabe to back off. Little nasty bitch. Just kidding. I heart him you know.

    • Buahahha! Gabe said, "I know who the f*ck you are and where you live. Don't think I've forgotten about that other thing, missy." <—I cleaned this up for the blog against Gabe's wishes. JSYK 😉

  2. Oh yes !! The Gorgeous and yummy as hell Scott Nova. You know I love you for this CL. I wanna lick his amazing abs from top to bottom! I think I could easily have a new favorite character here. I'm with Gabe on wanting to taste that rainbow 😉

    • Babe, I honestly don't know what to tell you about Dante because words fail me. ME, a friggin' author!!! I just find myself making incoherent sounds around badly formed words that are supposed to be erotic and sultry. I think this is because my tongue is hanging out of my mouth.

  3. Ohhh to be a fly on the wall… Oh you know this is DEFINITELY gonna bump his ego up (among other things). Tell Gabe he must play nice and share with others! I'll bring the Patron if we all share on the goods LOL

    • Hmmm … lucky charms and Patron … I'm ALL in!!!

      Nah, Scott's a good guy, very grounded. I'm just having a bit of fun with him – because I can 🙂 Plus, I know that's what all you pervs are thinking anyway. I'm just the one who will actually SAY it. LOL!

  4. CL you are my hero!!!! Love Scott too and can't wait for Nexus. Just finished Supernova and starting Cataclysm.

    • Oh yayeeee!!! Can't wait to see what you think!! Please feel free to gush hot, molten lava about it all over the place. LOL! Much like m'girly bits are doing for our scrumptious Scott/Dante. But DAMN!!!

  5. HOLY HELL-The pic on the stairs has me swooning. LURVE the fact that you can't see his face–it leaves it to the readers imagination…and MY imagination is super freakin'fantastic, if I say so myself.
    I cannot WAIT to read about Dante and don't forget—I need my ARC for review on my blog.
    Just lettin' you know right now, I am thinking the ladies need a Dante interview with us two…imagine all the trouble we could get into…***rubs hands together and gives an evil BWAHHHHHHH.
    You rule my girly bits, but then you already knew that 🙂
    Lurve you more than you can ever know and I am SOOOO damn proud of you baby ( I know I don't say it enough, so I'll say it here for the world to see)–You had a dream, you grabbed it by the balls and you now own it. WTG!

    • *sniffle* Bitch! You made me shed a tear. Bad form, CS. Bad form … however, I loved the grabbing it by the balls bit. *giggle*

      Dante interview?? My ovaries just perked up. Espesh since he looks like that up there.

  6. Oh my Scott Nova!!!! Just saying that mans name sends chills up and down my spine. Not to mention what it does to my girlie bits! I would love to meet Scott's mom so I can personally thank her for giving us that hot hot man to lust over! Hmmmm….I wonder how many times I will touch myself while reading Dante's book while thinking about Scott?

    • Yes, I scored with Scott. Well, I didn't actually "score" with him, just scored with getting him for the cover. Oh, you know what the hell I mean. LOL!

      Poor Scott … being mentally molested by women all over the world and not even knowing about it. I bet he's exhausted. Buahahaa!

  7. What an excellent choice. I love those eyes- what a hit- matches the rest of him- but for your books- the eyes were important.

    • Yes! The eyes were VERY important. Obviously, we've enhanced the color (thanks to my girl, Mel), but Scott really does have gorgeous blue eyes – eyes you could get lost in … le sigh.

  8. ok as hilarious as this all is i have to say you are the sickest fucker there is! lol who comes up with this shit? lucky charms and rainbows? yeah just give me the pot of gold scott! lol absolutely fabulous as always my love!

  9. You know how wrapped up in your characters that I get. Goes without saying, "I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!" You still amaze me with your talent. Oh, did you ever ask Scott if he's got a thing for cougars? Damn it, I bet he is and that's why you won't ask. Guess I'll just have to find out for myself. FLYAS!!

    • Oh, lawd … SMH. Lions, tigers, and COUGARS .. oh my! Rawrrrr!

      Aww, thank you ever so much, biggest fan. Big, wet rooter kisses to you! Muah! And I FLYAS even more!

    • No, please … by all means … fight over me.

      Gabe, you grabe the popcorn. And Scott, bring that baby oil over here. We're going to need it 😉

    • BACK off BITCHES—I WILL cut you….
      CL and I are like peas and carrots–she is the peanut butter to mah jelly.
      Don't make me cum to KY and kick your southern asses….
      Oh—You know I love ya Beatrice 🙂

    • I've got a fantastic shot of my girls if you'd like me to prove you wrong on the wanting me nekked part. Really, their big and oh so beautiful. LOL! Lurve m'girls … and you guys are okay, too.


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