Gabbin’ with Gabe

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Gabbin’ with Gabe

So … I’m considering a new blog: Gabbin’ with Gabe

Essentially, Gabe will do a Dear Abby type of deal where he will give advice on personal issues, sex, relationships and such. No, he will not give menial household chore advice because Gabe is a diva through and through and does not clean, cook, do artsy-fartsy stuff, change diapers or anything else that might smudge his manicure.

You know his advice will be straight up because he has no filter, but maybe we could all use a little of that in our lives. Wishes of anonymity would be honored, of course.

Are we up for the challenge that is Gabe? If nothing else, it should be a rip-roaring good time. And although we’ll be laughing our asses off and broadening our Gabetionary with new and completely made-up terms, we might even find his advice useful. What do you think?


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