God is an Author

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God is obviously an author with some kickass world-building skills. There,
I said it.
Whether God is male or female, it doesn’t matter. Do you care if the
author of the book you’re curled up with is a he or a she or even a he/she? No.
You’re so invested in the world you’re reading that the author could be an
alien from the planet Mars as long as the storyline is engrossing, the
characters are well developed, and the world is stupendous.
God wrote the Bible, right? Or, He hand-selected other authors to do it
for Him. Whatever. Maybe His hands were just too massive to hold whatever
writing utensil they used a gazillion years ago, and writing on what would be
akin to a sheet of toilet paper with all the power He has would equate to
creating a pile of confetti to be thrown at Jesus’ birthday party. Either way,
the King James version of the Bible is made up of 66 books! That’s right, 66. And as they are all tied together,
that makes for one hell of a series. Dontcha’ think?
By the way, who was this King James? I’ve never known the answer to
that, but I digress.
Now, consider this . . . As authors, the worlds we build are very real
to us. Maybe God was just so exceptional at it that His literally came to life.
Wow. Let’s allow that thought to marinate for a bit, shall we? What if? What if
we were so adept at world building that our
worlds literally came to life? What if somewhere far, far, far, far, faarrrr
away . . . our characters really do
exist? I’m feeling a little all-powerful right now, are you? I. Am. A. GODDESS.
Yes, I said that out loud – in the bathroom where there’s really good acoustics
– and it sounded freakin’ awesome!
Another thing I enjoy about God’s writing is that it makes you think.
There are so many interpretations of the Bible’s meaning that it’s impossible
to put a number on it. And perception is reality, right? Yet another thing that
lends to our author God’s ability to make His words come to life. This makes
sense to me, and I’ll remind you that several times in the past I’ve been very
forthright with telling you that I believe there’s a fine line between
brilliance and insanity and that authors walk it on a daily basis, so you can
think I’m crazy if you want – maybe I have teetered over the edge. But MY
perception is MY reality, and I perceive that God wants ME to draw my own
conclusions as to the meaning of the Bible, the meaning of life, and what it
means for my eternal soul. I condemn no one for their beliefs, and I expect no
condemnation in return. I say this because in my own writing, I question some
theories – hidden or not – and I invite you to think about those theories as I
have done. Am I saying I’m right in my theories? No, I’ve certainly taken some
creative liberties with them. But, if
I made you think and kept you entertained for those however many pages, then
I’ve done my job.
In closing, when the day comes that I go to meet my Maker, the author
God, you can be sure of two things. First, while I’m standing at those gates of
pearl, I’ll be holding tightly to my Bible, and the first thing I’m going to
ask God when I meet Him is if He will autograph it. Second, I’m going to be
bold enough to ask if He’s a plotter or a pantser. After all, it’s one of the
first things authors ask each other when we meet.
*Disclaimer: C.L. Parker does not really believe she’s in the same
league as God, although the goddess thing really did have an outstanding ring
to it, and she certainly does not intend any form of blasphemy by this post. It
is purely for entertainment . . . and to make you think. She likes to do that.*

10 thoughts on “God is an Author

  1. Dood! 1st- I don't think you're crazy. 2nd- I hope there is a somewhere that characters exist…other than in my mind when I read them…or in my heart where they stay if I love them. 3rd- I truly enjoyed what you wrote, and it was in no way blasphemes unless someone chooses to read it that way. <3

    • And you know that I adore the hell out of you, which is this goddess' way of saying you're blessed. Bahahaha! I kid, about the blessing part, not the adoration 🙂

  2. YES, you are a GODDESS and I bow at your feet, my dear! You know how much I adore you and your beautiful, fantastical words on paper! Yes, you may have made some of us think outside of the box as far as what we have been raised to believe in religiously, but by doing so, I say, "Bravo"!

    • Yes, but do you LOVE it? LOL! Since you mention #3, let me ask you something. If a #1 is piss and a #2 is shit, would that make a #3 diarrhea??? Just a thought …


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