What’s Up With Me?

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What’s Up With Me?

Yeah, so it’s been a while
since I’ve posted. Shame on me. Feel free to punish me if you’d like.
Super duper news: I get to
change my author bio!!! Why? Um, because I quit smoking and I kicked ass doing
it. Yayee, me!! Surprisingly, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. The
worst side effect: I’m tense like a mofo, yo. Seriously, I don’t even realize
it when I’m gritting my teeth and I have to consciously lower my shoulders
because they’re drawn up so tight. I think I need a large, strapping man (about
6’3, hazel eyes, brown hair, biceps as big as my head, and a killer smile – I’m
not very specific, am I?) to rub me down, and then give me a very happy ending.
Hey, I’ve earned it.
It’s been a month since I’ve
written anything on my next series. No shit. I’m super pissed about it, too,
which I think only makes it worse because I start to obsess over it. My spiritual
mentor tells me that when I have writer’s block it’s because my muse thinks
there’s something I need to experience that can’t be experienced while being
completely immersed in my fantasy world. Life. Hmm . . . but writing IS my
life. I think that was exactly her point. Not sure what I needed to experience
as of late (read: I know exactly/sort of what that was, but I’m not gonna tell
ya), but I really believe today’s going to be the day the dam finally breaks
and the words flood forth. If not, then I’m setting myself up for heartbreak
and I’ll be drowning my sorrows in some lip-smacking Grenades tonight. Again.
The Nexus release went over extremely well! I couldn’t have been more
shocked by the overwhelming response. And then there was ScareFest . . . Ohmigod!
You should’ve been there. Well, you already know how I am, right? So, if I were
to tell you that there was a booth of blown model/actor types there, you’d be
able to put two and two together. LMAO! The guys at Muscle Wolf Productions
were a blast! We played off each other so well. And *cough* there might have
been a production crew there to film a pilot for a VH1 reality show.
*head/desk* Good, God . . . if that segment actually sees the light of day, I
may be shamed for an eternity. The good news is that I still won’t care; it was
a LOT of fun.
Scott Nova was there in all
his half-nekked yumminess, and as a bonus, I got the adorably sexy admin of my
Parker’s Pimpin’ Posse street team, Karen Debusk – along with street team
members, Liesa Stafford Manis, Onna Adrian, and (Supernova Saga Super Giveaway
winner) LizaJo Adrian Meyer!!! I was in heaven! Momma Onna kept sneaking me
beer, and Karen and I were totes dipping into the bottle of Patron I got her
for a gift under the table. I’m a baaaad author . . . with lots of very wicked
I think that about catches
you up on what’s been going on with me. I’ll try to do better with my posts,
but I’m so easily distracted I can make no promises. Until next time . . .

One thought on “What’s Up With Me?

  1. Please keep posting! I love hearing about your life and yourworld. It keeps my laughter right where it belongs, right on my lips. You are a pretty amazing woman,CL Parker, and I'm happy to have met and happier to keep knowing you. Thanks for the hours of entertainment and minutes of mind blowing mindgasms with the mansicles you post. Life would be oh so boring without you in it.

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