Street Teams; Not to be Confused With Street Walkers

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Street Teams; Not to be Confused With Street Walkers

‘Ello, lovelies! Okay, not sure
why I suddenly went British like that. Perhaps it’s because of a few of my
British friends who have been rubbing off on me as of late. Not rubbing off rubbing off, pervs, though
that might be nice, but I digress.
Today, I want to talk about
street teams. As the title suggests, this is different from street walkers.
Street teams (primarily
organized through Facebook) have become an invaluable tool for authors and are
gaining in popularity among readers who want to do all they can to help support
their favorites. For some readers who refuse to choose, this means they’re
involved in nearly a hundred street teams. Wow! That’s quite a feat. I think I
speak for all authors when I say, it really is okay for you to like one more
than the others, bless your hearts.
I’ve been asked a lot what a
street team is, so I thought I’d do a post explaining that to the best of my
First of all, a street teams
is a group of individuals who volunteer to take on daily, weekly, and even
personal tasks to get the word out about an author and his/her work. They share
posts, make some of their own, tweet, blog, youtube, and even solicit book
stores and libraries for interest in the author’s books.
A street team is only as good
as its administrators, though, as they keep things running smoothly so the
author can do the thing that drew your interest to him/her in the first place: WRITE. In exchange for their dedication,
authors usually give some special, and sometimes exclusive, perks to the street
team. This may be in the form of private contests, sneak peeks, promotional
gear, first looks at covers and trailers, and the list goes on and on . . .
My street team is called
Parker’s Pimpin’ Posse. Apropos, no? See, in this equation, my street team
members are the pimps, and I’d be the chick they’re turning out. Okay, so maybe
that makes me the street. Meh, I’m okay with that.

Check out this gorgeous banner made by our very own Shanalda Burden.
We’re currently recruiting
new members. So if you’re interested, here’s the deal . . .
It takes dedication on your
part. While I will ALWAYS stand by the fact that your personal life comes
first, you should be able to make time for assignments. Most of the time, all that
the daily assignment requires is a click of the “share” button. If you can’t do
that, we’d appreciate your participation in the weekly assignments.
Also, if you’ve been
following me for any length of time, then you’ve figured out by now that I’m all
about having fun, even though it may border on inappropriate fun. And that’s in
public. Ergo, you can probably guess what a closed, private group might look
like. Though we walk a fine line at times, we do promise a raucously good time.
Still want to join? Here are
the deets: You’ll need to message Alicia Justice on Facebook. Alicia runs
Jitterbug Pr, and she’s the admin of Parker’s Pimpin’ Posse. Our co-admins are
Jb Ramos and Maureen Morgan. Let Alicia know you’re interested and if you run a
blog or have any “special” skills that might help the team expand its reach or
pimpage ideas. I’m really looking forward to
working with you all. 
I want to take another moment to thank you for your
continued support, whether you decide to join the Posse or not. You guys never
cease to amaze me.
P.S. Very big things are
currently in the works, so now would be a fabulous time to join Parker’s
Pimpin’ Posse *wink, wink*

9 thoughts on “Street Teams; Not to be Confused With Street Walkers

  1. I sort of like thinking that I'm a street walker and you would be the Huggy Bear of the Pimpin' community. I am so happy to be part of this world that you've created and I don't mind walking the streets cruising for new members. Great blog, by the bye.

  2. Awww, come on, you know you want to join! Come and walk the streets along with us, lol! Promise you'll have a rip roarin' fanfuckingtastic time!

    Great post, bb!

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