Embracing Erotica Without Shame

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Embracing Erotica Without Shame
I first started writing the Million Dollar Duet, it was actually an outlet for all the
juicy erotic goodness that the highly inappropriate part of my brain kept
replaying while I was working on my first project, the Supernova Saga. It was
the scene at the end of A MILLION DIRTY SECRETS’s chapter 14 and into chapter
15 that started it all. Those highly inappropriate, albeit emotionally charged,
scenes simply wouldn’t fit the Saga’s storyline. Plus I could just see my
mother shaking her head with that look on her face – the one that says without
words how embarrassed she is that her darling baby girl (also the mother of
two, not by immaculate conception)
has even had sex, and how appalled she would be that I advertised my sexuality
to the rest of the world under the “guise” of two fictional characters.
am not Lanie Talbot nor have I ever had the extreme pleasure of finding myself
in precarious positions with Noah Crawford, but I’m keeping hope alive.
like to think there’s a little of Lanie in me, though. Particularly, that
quirky inner voice that makes me giggle to myself over something silly. Like
Lanie, I also tend to make the best of a serious situation through the magic of
laughter. After all, it’s hard to cry when you’re laughing. Not impossible, but
for Noah, well, there’s none of Noah in me, but I wish there was. Cue wicked
erotica in this day and age really isn’t that big of a deal. Neither is reading
it, though some still prefer to keep their interests discreet. People are more
open to exploring their sexuality and are always looking for inventive ideas to
put the waning spark back into their relationship. Let’s face it; sex is one of
the basic needs, ranked right up there with food, water, oxygen, and basic
survival. The continuation of the human race requires it even. So why should it
be a taboo subject? And why should it have to be a boring one at that? It
doesn’t. That’s why I wrote a smoking hot erotica in which two individuals actually
have a reason to have tons of sex and just so happen to find an answer to their
separate needs through a beautiful love story that blooms in spite of the chaos
surrounding them with a twist of humor on the side.

been told A MILLION DIRTY SECRETS sets the tone for a modern day version of Pretty Woman, which is a huge
compliment. I suppose now that we’ve let our hair down and embraced that which
makes us feel good, it’s really quite easy to agree with that statement. I, for
one, always wanted a front row seat to the real action inside Edward Lewis’s
penthouse suite. So here’s to yet another epic love affair. May Lanie and Noah
lead the way into an age of unbridled passion minus the morning after shame.

14 thoughts on “Embracing Erotica Without Shame

  1. I, for one, have been reading erotica since the late
    '60,s, so no shame here! But, I find it refreshing that so many more can now read it and not want to hide it. And, yes, I always wanted to see what went on in Edward Lewis's penthouse, too!

  2. This book was a first for erotica for me. I guess I was a erotica virgin lol. Loved it though and I agree I was always curious about Edward Lewis 😉

  3. I was so pleased to have the honor of reviewing your book, A Million Dirty Secrets for Romance Junkies and truly loved the book. sue

  4. Hats off to you, C L Parker!!! I am 47 and you opened my whole life to another side!! I love Noah and Lanie, wish I could find me a Noah. Looking forward to reading the next chapter. When is the second book coming out??? I want it now..

    • Hi Dawn! I'm so glad you enjoyed AMDS, and don't we ALL wish we could find a Noah of our very own? LOL! A MILLION GUILTY PLEASURES will release 2.11.14 … just in time for Valentine's Day and making clueless men everywhere very lucky regardless. Hahaha!

  5. I Haven't commented on a book before not even after reading 50 Shades but I felt compelled to comment….I love Lanie and Noah and can't wait til Feb for the next book to be released. I hope they decide to make it into a movie because I can so see Robert Pattinson playing Noah (yummy!) Keep up the excellent writing. Do you have a playlist for this book that I could download from Spotify…I would love to have one….it would keep Lanie and Noah in my heart till I could meet them again in Feb. Thank you!

    • Hi Marsha! Wow, I feel very honored that you wanted to comment on my blog. It's the little things that are so humbling. Truly. No movie talks at this time. LOL! Not really sure how they would do that without it ending up in a case on a shelf in a very dark corner. Hahaha! As for a playlist, Yes, I do have one and it's also on Spotify if you'd like to follow me there. Still under CL Parker 🙂 #FLYAS <3

  6. Hey Crystal just wanted to say how much I thorough enjoyed AMDS and CAN NOT WAIT to get the sequel. They stretched these too far apart got the rest of us readers upset. Anticipating the sequel. I think you should write either a third part or another erotica romance you did a fine job.

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