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You’ve seen it on T-shirts, tattoos, my autograph, and Facebook . . . and you still don’t know what it means? It’s cool. Really. You never know unless you ask. Unless, of course, you go to my website. And, tada! You’re here!

FLYAS is simply an acronym that can mean whatever you want it to mean. It originated with my baby sister, Brittnie Day, when she was in a hurry to leave my house one day and said, “Gotta go. I f*cking love you and sh*t.” And she just happened to have said it while I was in the middle of writing a scene in I LOVE COLLEGE (unpublished fan fiction), wherein the male character (a college student with a potty mouth) was telling his heroine that he loved her for the first time. That was how he’d said it.

From there, FLYAS became as much a part of my signature as C. L. Parker.

Other ways it has been used that I really like:

For Love You’re A Saint
For Lust You’re A Sinner

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