Do You Have What It Takes?

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*climbs onto boulder with bullhorn at the ready, a screeching sound piercing the air when it keys up*

Attention, please? My street team, Parker’s Pimpin’ Posse (P3), is currently recruiting new members. I’d like to introduce you to P3’s admin, Alicia Justice, and co-admins, Jb Ramos and Maureen Morgan. I’ll turn it over to Alicia now.

*Ali takes bullhorn and steps up, cheer captain’s smile in place*

For those of you who might not know, a street team consists of an elite selection of diehard pimpsters who are gung-ho when it comes to spreading the word about an author and his/her work. With the upcoming release of the Million Dollar Duet, we want to be sure we have a strong team in place and raring to go well before the drop date for A MILLION DIRTY SECRETS. It’s not all work, though. We have a lot of fun in P3. To ensure we have a well-rounded experience, we’ve opted for an application process. If you’re interested, please complete the application here or below, fully. Don’t be afraid to brag on yourself a bit and really show us what you’ll bring to the table – long fur coat, cane, pimp hat, and all. This … Read More »

F.U.N. at R.A.G.T.

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many of you are probably aware from the many Facebook posts, I attended Lori
Foster’s Reader and Author Get Together (RAGT) in Ohio over the weekend. It was my
first experience at this particular convention, as well as my first experience
of really being able to participate as an author. I have Darynda Jones to thank
for that.

of Darynda Jones . . . She was my bunk mate. Bless her. Not entirely sure she
will ever agree to do so again. I’m kidding. She’s an amazing woman, and I’m
very lucky to be able to call her my friend. Just look at how she represented Team
CLP!!! She made me look good, but then again, my T-shirt made her look
pretty damn spectacular in this pic as well. LOL! Right behind her is the bed
where we “slept” with each other. *waggles brows* If those walls could talk . .
. they might have whispered words of condolence to the incomparable Mrs. Jones. *snort*

Darynda wasn’t the only one representing Team CLP at the convention. Check out
these gorgeous hotties!!! No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That’s Gayle Donnelly and Robyn Mackenzie (authors of the Blood Feud series) on either side of Darynda Jones, and on the end, is the … Read More »


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Announcing a super fabulous,
divaliscious 1K GIVEAWAY!!! Thanks to you beautiful people and all your
support, I’ve managed over 500 LIKES on my   C. L. Parker official Facebook page in a very short amount of time. Now, I
want to DOUBLE that! That’s right! Let’s try for 1000 LIKES on that page by the
release date for A MILLION DIRTY SECRETS, 8/27/2013. If we reach our goal by
midnight on 8/26/13, two lucky winners will get their hands on some fantastic

One lucky winner will receive an autographed paperback of all THREE
books in the Supernova Saga, as well as an autographed copy of A Million Dirty Secrets and a FLYAS T-shirt.  

A second
winner will receive an autographed copy of A Million Dirty Secrets, a FLYAS T-shirt, and a $25 Amazon gift card.  You can enter via the Rafflecopter widget below!  Best
of luck to you, and as always . . .



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Show Me Yours And I’ll Show You Mine

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*covers eyes* No, no, no . . . I was just trying to get your attention. I swear it!!!

*peeps through fingers, relieved to see everyone still has their clothes on*

Okay, then. Long time, no blog. Yes? The good news: I’ve been super busy in an attempt to get my latest bit of sexiness out on the shelves for ya. The even BETTER news: I have another release date, title, blurb, and cover reveal!!!

*the crowd goes wild, confetti falls from the ceiling, some gets in my mouth and I look like an idiot trying to spit it out, someone’s thong lands on the stage, and a random crowd surfer takes a leap* Seriously? Simmer down, sirs and misses. *picks up the thong and stuffs it in her pocket*

Book #2 in the Million Dollar Duet, A MILLION GUILTY PLEASURES, will be released February 11, 2014, just in time for Valentine’s Day! 

“But, C, we don’t even know what it’s about,” you say. “How’s about a little blurb for it?” 

By golly, that’s a stupendous idea! *infomercial smile*

Two million dollars secured Noah Crawford the most enticing woman he has ever known. Initiating Delaine Talbot into a sensuous world of pleasure took them both to the … Read More »

Holy Hotness, Bardman!

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It’s unusual of me to post book reviews to my blog, but because this is one from a new, up and coming author, I decided I would. Sort of like “paying it forward” I suppose. So here goes . . .

 Swingers by Abyrne Mostyn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read this novella under a recommendation from a few friends. New author, first book, self-publication. I honestly figured it would be amateurish, not necessarily a bad thing as I firmly believe every author’s writing grows with each word they write. While I prefer a more traditional formatting, this book was very well written.

How clever … a story that spans the length of one night, but from four points of view. Not saying that’s never been done before, though it was a perfect way to tell this story.

The hotness factor Mr. Mostyn has provided is a solid Oh My Gawd!!!! I do believe I learned a thing or five. In trying to keep this review PG, I’ll leave it at that.

In closing, if you enjoy a short, albeit smokin’ hot read that packs the very pleasurable punch of a full sized erotica novel and more than tickles your Fancy, THIS is perfect … Read More »