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Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should . . .

Posted on October 16th, by C.L. Parker in Uncategorized. 5 comments

The above quote came to me out of the blue the other day
while I was showering. Sexy visual, right? LOL! Anyway, I thought it would be
nice to do a blog, exploring what it means. The quote, not the visual of me in
a shower. That part just means I don’t stink.

There are those who write because they can.


We all know these writers. They’re
the ones who are technically flawless. The ones who spent years and thousands
of dollars on earning degrees that say they can write. And they can. Nothing
wrong with that. But do they believe in what they’re writing, or are they
writing for the paycheck? I’ve heard it time and time again . . . a well-known
author has a series that hits the bestsellers lists every time a new book comes
out. The problem is that as time goes on, it becomes obvious that they’re
milking the series for every last dime they can get. Am I saying it’s wrong to
make money doing what you love? Nope. Not in the least . . . if you love it and
it’s quality work. But know when the story has run its course and end it
already. Afraid you won’t be able to come up with something … Read More »